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Armacraft Training Program

We at Armacraft pride our self to produce cutting edge vessels for today’s Navies and Special forces around the world. It is extremely important to teach our clients operators how to maximize the performance out of our vessels. 

Armacraft are using only the best Special Forces operators as our training coaches, all with extensive live experience from operations around the world. We can train your crew at our facility in UAE or at your own location


Advanced military navigation

The use of navigational aids has revolutionised the marine world. They are a true asset to all personnel being active in the field of marine activities. Learning how to best use this technology is crucial for a successful operation.


High speed boat handling and SAR course

With high speed vessels in any kind of sea condition, the pilot need to know how to operate the vessel in a safe and efficient manor to ensure the crew arrive in the best condition to take on the task at hand


Interception and boarding at sea

Launch and recovery is one of the most critical operations at sea, where a skilled crew make the difference between a successful mission to a failed, where fatal injuries and damages can be a result.


Riverine boat team training

Mission planning, navigation in shallow waters. Tactical boat operations include movement techniques, formations, ambushes, immediate action drills, troop inserts/extracts, life-fire exercises, useful riverine tactics and techniques, 


Marine vessel and basic engine maintenance programmes

The cost of a good maintenance plan is nothing when compared with the cost of poor maintenance. Protecting your assets is our mission! Armacraft want to ensure that our client are using the right maintenance intervals and check list before each operation in order to keep your fleet ready at all times.


Drone surveillance from boat operations

With today’s drone technology, an eye in the sky is very important for intelligence gathering. Know the area of operation and you will always have the advantage.


Submersible (SDV) and Subsea combat training course

Our team consist of former operators from US Navy Seal, UK SBS and French Commando Hubert will teach our clients SDV advance handling above and below surface, mission planning. The use of rebreather equipment and tactical underwater warfare.


For a custom made solution just for you, please contact us for further information and quotation.

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