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Trident Mk II CDDC is cleverly designed for long range operations, insertion, and extraction via the combined use of surface, semi, and submerged modes. If an increased risk of detection is identified, the craft can quickly transit from surface to submerged mode to reduce its signature further. The transition between the modes is done seamlessly, with no change in pilot handling or disruption in forward speed.


Trident Mk II has a dual redundancy Advanced Computerized Control System ( ACCS ) with one push activation for a variety of navigation or payload options. ACCS also autonomously controls the ballast and trim planes, go to predefined coordinates, hold position, run search grid, or return to home base

   - Flexible seating with max 10 + 2 combat diver

   - Operational depth 40 meters.

   - Full length 11,5 m , Beam 2,3 m, fits in 40 ft container

   - Full surface speed of 40 knots, endurance 300 NM

   - Submerged cruise of + 6 knots, endurance 30 NM

   - Easy interchangeable payload options to suit your missions

   - Autonomous capabilities

   - CDDC has been designed for optimized operation above and below surface



Armacraft know the importance of rigorous training of each of our vessels and none more important than our Mk II submersible craft. We want our clients to be able to understand and use the full capability of the submersible.


Armacraft has developed our own simulation training program for our Mk II submersible so that each operator/crew can familiarize with the Mk II submersible. Theoretical courses of physic/physiology/diving hazards. Mission planning and programing, in a safe environment on land before starting the live training.


After simulation training, a three week intensive course follow for Mk II Pilot / Navigator / crew at clients own location. Held by a team of ex SDV operators from SBS (UK), SDV SEAL Team (US) and Commando Hubert (France) all with live experience of SDV operation


For the allocated service crew, Armacraft hold a two week intensive repair and maintenance course, parallel with pilot / navigator / crew course.

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